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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Attical, Newry
(Ait Ti Chathail) / County Down.

The post office opened in 1959-64. There are no markings previously recorded for this site.

Attical Newry / Co. Down

Earliest known date - 27 Aug 1992
Latest known date - 21 Jun 1996
Postmark type - Circle, Double Ring with date as DD MM / YY on two lines. Code letter above date. Thin arcs at each side.

Codes Known - *

SR (27/16mm)

27 Aug 1992   21 Jun 1996  



Attical PO

Photo taken (above) 1 Sep 1993 and (below) 29 Jun 1995, both from the A W G Graham collection. Listed as 2 Bog Road, BT34 4SY.

1 Sep 1993      

29 Jun 1995


Press Cuttings:-
Newry Reporter, 14 Apr 1956 contain s a letter rom H Paul of Newry to town council. "In connection with your communication of 6 Dec 1955, making application for provision of a sub PO for Attical, I am pleased to inform you that the necessary authority has been received and steps are being taken to have the PO opened as soon as possible." No further mention in Newry Reporter or the Mourne Observer to Apr 1957.





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