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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Omagh, County Tyrone.

Post Office opened in 1848. An undated namestamp is recorded as well as an English rubber mark.


Earliest known date - 17 JUL 1886
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circular, Single Ring.

Codes Known -

SR (29mm)


Ardstraw / Omagh, Co. Tyrone

Earliest known date - 8 Sep 1994
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Double Circle, No Code at top, Date on two lines, short arc at each side.

Codes Known -



8  Sep 1994      

Ardstraw PO on 6th Sep 1994. Photo from AW Graham Collection.



6 Sep 1994      

Thoms directory lists postmaster in 1847-54 as J. Kerr
Proni MIC 522/6 records Samuel Cunningham as PM, died May 1909, then David Cunningham. PM was then Alice Watson a niece to Cunningham. She later married and is listed as Mrs McArthur between 1949-59.

PO located at 10 Carnkelly Road, BT78 4LN.





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