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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Annsborough SO, Co.Down
Annsborough, Castlewellan Co.Down
Annsborough, Banbridge, Co.Down.

Annsborough / Banbridge Co.Down

Earliest known date - 5 MR 1954
Latest known date - 29 DE 1960
Postmark type - Circle, Double Ring, Short Thin Arcs, Code at Top.

Codes Known - A

DR (mm)

1960   1954  

Annsborough S.O. / Co.Down

Earliest known date -
Latest known date - 2 AP 1918
Postmark type - Circular, time code at top.

Codes Known - 12:30


SR 23mm


Annsborough / Castlewellan Co.Down

Earliest known date - 28 MY 1992
Latest known date - 5 SP 1993
Postmark type - Circular, Single letter code at top.

Codes Known - A

SR 24mm


28My1992   5SP1993  

Earliest known date -
Latest known date -
Postmark type -

Codes Known -



Annsborough PO, Sept 1993


PO Sept 1993      

In 2009 the Post Office was located at
Annsborough Post Office
44 Ballylough Rd.
County Down
BT31 9NN
, Grid Ref J355.372. This office was also located on the 1900 OS maps.

Annsborough (Irish: Baile Anna) is a small village in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is situated on the A25 road between Downpatrick and Newry, approximately 0.8 kilometres to the east of Castlewellan and 17 kilometres to the south west of Downpatrick. It had a population of 593 people in the 2001 Census. It originally developed as a mill village in the valley of the Clarkhill and Ballybannon rivers. Most people look beyond the village to neighbouring Castlewellan for the majority of their local services. The village contains a Post Office and shop and a playing field.

POA 23-6Jan 1885 No130, SO Established
MOO/SB - PO Circular 1 Dec 1886
Postmasters (Bassetts) 1886: J Brown

1960-75, R. Wilson
1976-90 D.Wilson

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