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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Annahilt / County Down.


Earliest known date - 15 DEC 1888
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring

Codes Known - C

SR (mm)

4JL1992   A  

Annahilt / Hillsborough / Co.Down

Earliest known date - 7 JY 1953
Latest known date -
Postmark type - Circle, Code at top, Short Thick Arcs.

Codes Known - B




Location of PO1, at Cross Roads. Now demolished opposite school. PO was demolished when cros roads was changed to a stagger.
PO1 1836-1968, Photo 5Oct1996

Grid Ref J297.562




PO2, 1968-1977, photo 5 Oct1996



Location of PO3 at shop/garage on B177,

Top Photo taken Sept 1993, note pillar box beside Tel Pole.

Lower Photo, 5 Oct 1996. Note new post box.


5 Oct 1996      

In 2009 the Post Office was located at


First Note 23Dec1835-Feb 1836 (POA 23 Dec 1835, No599, PP recommended as experiment.
Revenue estimated at £11/year, Expense £5 for receiver & £10 for messenger.
7 APR 1837 No174, PP questioned but to continue.

Thom's, 1845-6: William Patterson
1847-58-71, Mrs Jane Jones. (B.1810-26Sep1871, age61)
1871-c1900, Her(JJ) Daughter, Mrs Sarah Elizabeth Bailey? (nee Jones)
c1900-1925, Her(JJ) Sister, Mrs Alicia A. Jones (1847-26Jan 1925 age 78)
1925-1956, S.A.Baileys daughter, Miss Jane Louise Cowan Jones (b.1888 to 31Jan1956, 78 years)
1956-Aug 1977, Mrs E.M.G. Smyth (nee Jones)
Aug 1977-(1996) No. 261 Ballynahinch Rd., Mr Winston Pabissa

PO1,1847-1968 was located at cross roads, demolished 1970)
PO2, No245 Ballynahinch Rd, 1968-Aug1977
PO3 (Sept1977) was at 261 Ballynahinch Rd, BT26 6BP
Grid Ref J927.578

At the Annahilt Presbyterian Church Graveyard (Jones listings)
Wm Cowan Jones, d.4 Jne 1898, age 51 (b. 1847)
Mother Jane Jones, d.26SEP1871, aged 61 (B.1810)-PMR 1836-71
& father Archibald Jones , d.23 APR 1907
His Wife Alicia A. Jones, d.26 JAN 1925 age 78 (b.1847)
Daughter Janice Louise Cowan Jones, d.31 JAN 1956 age 78 years (B.1888), PMR 1925-1956
Cowan Son, Archibald Cowan Jones, D.31AUG 1959, aged 85 Years.



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