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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Altnamachin, Newry Co. Down.

Altnamachin / Newry Co.Down

Earliest known date - 14 JY 1953
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - Circle, Double Ring, code at top, Short Thick Arcs..

Codes Known - A

DR (mm)



Earliest known date -
Latest known date -
Postmark type -

Codes Known -





Earliest known date -
Latest known date -
Postmark type -

Codes Known -





Earliest known date -
Latest known date -
Postmark type -

Codes Known -






Altnamachin (Alt na Meacan) Armagh. ‘Hillside of the root vegetables’

Newspaper article from: Belfast Telegraph June 3, 2008 ...Lurgan The following 54 Post Office branches are proposed for replacement by an outreach service: Altnamachin, 79 Blaney Road, Altnamachin, Newry Carnteel, 17 Main Street, Carnteel, Aughnacloy Cladymore, 46 Cladymore Road, Mowhan...

In 2009 the Post Office was located at


Extract from Ancestory.com - Unknown Year:-

Trout fishing

Altnamachin is a rural post-office on the border of County Monaghan, 3 miles, Irish, south-west from Newtownhamilton. It is within sight of a trout stream called the County Water. the land of the district is fair and the chief crops are flax, oats and potatoes.

Blacksmith :
Jas. Lutton

Beer license :
Mrs Mary Lutton

Church : Presbyterian, Rev Rt. J. Tweed

Grocers :
Thos. J. Gray, Wm. Magill

Post M. :
Mrs M. Lutton

School, National :
Miss L. Megaw, Skeriff
Sl. Adair, Cortamlet
Sl. Lockhart, Mulladuff

Scutch Mills :
Mrs S. Clarke
David McKee


Allen, James, Altnamachin
Allen, Samuel, Cortamlet
Bell, James, Tullyvallen
Blackwood, George, Ballynarea
Blackwood, John, Ballynarea
Carsewell, William, Altnamachin
Caswell, John, Altnamachin
Clarke, James, Cortamlet
Clarke, Mrs. , Cortamlet
Clarke, Robert, Cortamlet
Clarke, Samuel, Cortamlet
Clarke, Wm. , Cortamlet
Clarke, Wm. jun. , Cortamlet
Gordon, Thomas, Altnamachin
Hughes, Rbt. , Altnamachin
Hughes, Wm. , Altnamachin
Jenkins, James, Altnamachin
Lennon, Owen, Agincurk
Lyons, John, Altnamachin
McMahon, Mrs. , Altnamachin
McQuilly, Mrs. , Altnamachin
Sheriden, Edward, Ballynarea
Steenson, James, Tullyvallen
Tremble, Wm. , Altnamachin




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