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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Altamuskin Omagh / Co. Tyrone.

Altamuskin / Co.Tyrone / Six Mile Cross RSO.

Earliest known date - Proof
Latest known date - Proof
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring

Proof Dated 22 MAY 1904

Codes Known -

SR (27mm)


Altamuskin Omagh / Co. Tyrone

Earliest known date - Unknown
Latest known date - 23 April 2008
Postmark type - Circle, No Code at top.

Codes Known -

SR (23mm)

The 2008 marks were sent by the Postmaster Mr Peter McCrory shortly before the Post Office closed.


2008   23 April 2008  


Earliest known date -
Latest known date -
Postmark type - Circular, Single Letter code at top, Short thin Arcs.

Codes Known -




Altamuskin Photo, 29 Aug 1994.



Each Post Office had forms for returning TV Licence or Telephone Stamps, the example to the right is one from Altamuskin for TV License stamps in use during the early 1980's.


TV License Return      

In 2009 the Post Office was Closed. It was previously located at 177 Altamuskin Road, Omagh, Co.Tyrone, BT79 9JA, GRID REF H597.639


Below is an extract kindly provided by Mr Peter McCrory the last Postmaster at Altamuskin of an October 1931 News Paper cutting recording the long service record of Mr Anderson at Sixmilecross. Also attached is a short note recording the opening of the Altamuskin Post Office. Unfortunately there is no date attached to the extract but with a little research we may find its year.


Mr McCrory provided a list of the Postmasters from 1935 to which Altamuskin reported, this was as follows:- (*Some additional Info has been added from the A W Graham Notes of 1994.)

* PRONI MIC 522/6, Post Office Granted 1 Apr 1882, Postmaster Appointed 1 Jan 1882
*1 Jan 1882 - 1926 (Died) Pmr James Shields (£14.1.00), Date of birth 1850
*1 Jan 1927 - 1960 (Died) Patrick Joseph Shiels
*1960-94, Mrs Patrick Joseph Shiells (33 years as Postmaster, up to 53 as Assistant).

Mr McCrory's notes relate to the Head Office as follows:-
Mr B Henderson, Dungannon to the head PM Omagh, May 1931, Resigned 1st Oct 1935
R.A.C. McCann, Head Postmaster Omagh, Appointed January 1936, Resigned Oct 1940
Mr Brennan, HPM Omagh, June 1941, Resigned 17 Jan 1945
Mr Charles, appointed Jan 1945, Resigned 1st April 1952
Mr Burke, Appointed 1st April 1952, Resigned 1957
Mr Harper, Appointed May 1958, resigned August 1963
Mr Kennedy, Appointed August 1963, Died September 1978
Mr O'Gara, Appointed Oct 1978
Mr Rarie?, Appointed Jan 1982, Resigned 31st August 1982
R J Hutton, Appointed Jan 1982
E McCrory, Appointed Oct 1982, Promoted to Higher Position, Sept 1986
T McLoughlin acting H PM 1986, (Retired March 1987)
E McCrory (Personal Services Manager 1986, Area Manager West 1990)

There is no note as to when Mr Peter McCrory took over the Altamuskin Post Office, but he was the last Post Master at this office before its closure.

26 Aug 1972 & 23 Dec 1972, Strabane Weekly News reports Robberies at the office under Mrs Marian Shiels



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