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Irish Post Offices & Postmarks

Ahoghill, Ballymena, Co.Antrim.


Earliest known date - 12 FEB 1844
Latest known date - 26 JAN 1854
Postmark type - Straighline Unframed.

Codes Known -

Top - 26Mar 1844 JR
Bottom - 26Jan1854, PRONI ED1/4/1 No72 Blue-Black



Ahoghill / Ballymena

Earliest known date - 6 APR 1857
Latest known date - 13 SEP 1858
Postmark type - StraighLine, Unframed, Struck in Blue-Green.
Other Dates recorded 26 Nov1858. All 3 above from JRankin/TGraham Collection. Marks reproduced by AW Graham

Top - PRONI ED1/4/71 No69 Blue-Green
Middle - PRONI ED1/4/98 No22 Blues-Green
Bottom - PRONI ED1/5/1 No76 Blue-Green

Codes Known - A

SL (25x7.5mm)

13 SEP 1858      


Earliest known date - 19 JA 1885
Latest known date - 25 JA 1886
Postmark type -Circle, Single Ring, Code at top.

Codes Known -A,C

SR (21mm)



Ahoghill Ballymena, Two Arcs

Earliest known date - 25 JY 1906
Latest known date - 18 AUG 1912
Postmark type -Circle, Double Ring, Two Arcs at base, Time Code at top.

Codes Known -3.15PM

DR (27/16mm)


Ahoghill Skeleton

Earliest known date - 14 JY 1914
Latest known date -
Postmark type -Circle, Double Ring, Time Code at top.

Codes Known -18, 8.15

DR (31/29mm)



Ahoghill / Ballymena Co. Antrim, Short Thick Arcs

Earliest known date - 22 SEP 1937
Latest known date - 11 APR 1964
Postmark type - Circle, Double Ring, Short Thick Arcs, Code at Top.

Codes Known - A, B

DR (27/16mm)

1961   7 AU 1959  

Ahoghill.Ballymena / Co. Antrim, No Arcs

Earliest known date - 27 OCT1964(P)
Latest known date - 19 MAY 1994
Postmark type - Circular, Proof Book Entry, No Arcs.

(P) Circular Proof Book recorded by JR 27OCT1964

Codes Known -

DR (27/16mm)

27Oct1064   19MY1994  

Ahoghill Ballymena / Co. Antrim, No Arcs

Earliest known date - 19 MAY 1994
Latest known date - 25 JU 1992
Postmark type - Circle, Single Ring, No Arcs, Code at Top.

Codes Known - B

SR (24mm)


19 MY1994   25Ju1992  

Ahoghill Ballymena Co. Antrim / Post Office, SID

Earliest known date - 16 AU 1996
Latest known date - Unknown
Postmark type - SID Circle, Single Ring, No Arcs, Code at Top.

Codes Known - C

SR (25mm)



Photographs of the various Post Offices are available by clicking here.

Post Office Announcement* 21 Oct 1843, 1st Postmark 26 Mar 1844
Post Office Opens Nov 1843,
PO Circular 1 Jul 1883 MOO/SB
PO Circular 30 Oct 1906, Tg Tel Office
1844-58: William Weir
1888: John Hamill?
1909-38: Miss A B Campbell (No2 Main St)
1939-70: Miss A. E. Grant (No.2 Main St)
1971: W.J.Irwin (No.10 Irwins Shop)
1972-1990?: Mrs M. McCarroll (25 Main St. BT42 1JY)
In 1994 there were 2 datestamps, 1 Duties stamp in use.
In Oct 1995, there were 2 datestamp SID type in use.
*POA 21 Oct 1843, No.1131. Major Bowman to guarantee expense of Official Post. £5/yr for mail bags conveyed on Ballymena to P'glenone mail car.

In 2009 the Post Office was located at

301 Galgorm Road, Ahoghill, Ballymena - 028 2587 1201

Extract from Ballymena Times, 26 April 2006


Published Date: 26 April 2006
THE decision has been made, - Ahoghill Post Office is closing today (Wednesday), reopening next week at the Vivo Supermarket on the Galgorm Road, despite widespread opposition.
But the decision has come as no surprise for local Councillor Roy Gillespie, who said he had been informed that there were no alternatives.
In a statement announcing the move, the Post Office recognised the level of opposition to the new venue.
"The formal period of consultation has come to an end during which a number of comments from customers and local representatives were received. The main areas of concern were that the proposed site was located away from the village centre and about safety from vehicles using the filling station."
The statement continued: "Post Office Ltd has carefully considered all concerns raised and has decided that the move to the new location should proceed. To facilitate the move the current branch will therefore close at 1.00pm on Wednesday 26 April with the new branch opening on Tuesday 2 May 2006 following the Bank Holiday."
With an air of resignation, Ald. Gillespie responded to the announcement:
"This has come as no surprise to me or to the people of Ahoghill. All the representations made to me, have been objections. Local people, especially pensioners have very serious concerns about this move.
"It is a very busy forecourt, with a lot of vehicles using it. I had spoken with the Post Office, and it was made clear to me that there was no other alternative. So it's not surprising that they have went ahead with this option."
The Post Office say the new branch will offer an enhanced service to the local community by way of a brand new, modern, purpose built serving counter with low-level writing desk within a convenience store together with improved forecourt car-parking facilities, and level access for those with mobility constraints.
Additionally the opening hours of the branch will be extended to include lunchtime opening. The revised opening hours will be: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm, Wednesday: 8.30am to 1.00pm, Saturday: 9.00am to 12.30pm
During the period of closure customers may avail of services at any Post Office branch, however, the nearest branches to Ahoghill are located at Galgorm and Cullybackey.
"We apologise to our customers in Ahoghill for this short break in service and would like to thank them for their patience while this move takes place" the Post Office statement concluded.

End of Article

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910


Ahoghill lies nearly four miles from Ballymena, in westerly direction. It is situated in the Parish of Ahoghill, Barony of Lower Toome.
Population in 1901--633.

POST OFFICE--Arrival of Mails 9 a.m.; 12-50, 6-25 p.m.; Despatch of Mails, 7-25, 11-20 a.m.; 3-20 p.m. Postmistress--Miss Campbell

End of Article

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